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Here you will find everything you need to know about your application and working at Bizerba.

General questions on applications

How do I apply to Bizerba and what happens then?

You may apply online using our Job Portal. You will receive acknowledgement of receipt once the documents have arrived. Please understand that our thorough review of your documents may take some time. We do try to process your application as quickly as possible, however.

Which documents have to be provided in order for application to be considered complete?

Please send us your sustantiated application with cover letter, CV and references, thus demonstrating your suitability.

Is it preferable to apply online or to send an application folder in paper format?

Our online applicant management system makes it possible to process your application quickly and efficiently and thus to respond as soon as possible. Please note that your electronic application should not exceed a data volume of 5 MB.

Do I still have a chance of getting a permanent position even if I don’t have any professional experience?

Yes, Bizerba offers interesting entry opportunities for particularly well qualified, motivated and committed first-time employees in the areas of development, sales and administration.

Can I submit a general application to Bizerba without applying for a specific advertized position?

You may send us a speculative application for internships and dissertation placements as well as for permanent positions. In your cover letter, you should outline the area of activity you would like to work in, your qualifications and the desired start date.

How is data protection guaranteed at Bizerba?

Bizerba places great emphasis on data protection. Naturally, this applies first and foremost to personal data. Your application will be handled in the strictest confidence in compliance with data protection regulations and by authorized personnel only.

Questions regarding applications for training positions / Cooperative State University courses

Note: For the sake of simplicity, in the following explanations we talk about training positions regardless of whether we are referring to an actual training position or a place on a Cooperative State University course.

How far in advance should I apply for a training position?

Please apply for your training position by the end of September in the year before starting. Our selection days take place in the autumn.

How does Bizerba select its trainees?

It is important to us to have trainees who are well suited to the company. That’s why we invite you to an applicant day, where we have the chance to get to know one another better. The selection days for our trainees take place in the year before the apprenticeships begin.

Is there an induction period for the trainees or are they deployed in the departments immediately?

We have prepared a one-week programme for you in order to help you orient yourself before you start in your first department. However, following this we come back to you time and again to support you and encourage you in your training.

Do I have a chance to continue studying even during my apprenticeship?

Yes, you do. We have a varied training programme in place for you. Alongside the normal practical and theoretical phases at vocational colleges or at the Cooperative State Universities, you take part in in-house English lessons and experiential and other seminars.

Do I have the chance to undertake a work placement abroad during my apprenticeship?

Yes, we offer our trainees the possibility of undertaking a foreign work placement in one of our foreign subsidiaries.

How is the working day arranged for apprentices?

Our trainees can organize their working hours flexibly in compliance with the core hours. The standard working week amounts to 35 hours. Apprentices can accumulate up to 15 hours of overtime above and beyond the regular hours, which can then be taken as extra holiday.

How much do apprentices at Bizerba earn?

Our apprentices are paid in accordance with the contractually agreed apprentice wage.

How likely is it that I will be offered a job after the apprenticeship?

The number of apprenticeships we offer is based on our medium-term HR planning, but there is no guarantee of a permanent position. It is up to you to convince us of your abilities with your commitment and your performance.

What sort of employment opportunities do I have once I have completed an apprenticeship at Bizerba?

An apprenticeship at Bizerba represents a good basis for your professional career in both technical and personal terms. You will lay solid theoretical and practical foundations to enable you to take on a role in the area in which you have trained. As a well-known company, Bizerba is renowned for its many years of experience and high quality of training.

I still have some questions – who can help me?

You can find contact details on our contacts page.

Questions regarding internships and dissertation placements

How far in advance should I apply for an internship or dissertation placement?

We recommend that you submit your application approximately 4-6 months before starting work. We generally hire on 1 March and 1 September of each year.

What are the prerequisites for undertaking an internship or producing a dissertation at Bizerba?

The most important thing is that your area of study corresponds with the professional possibilities at Bizerba. You also need to show us that you see a placement with us as an opportunity to gain professional experience and to contribute to Bizerba through your work here. Finally, your motivation and willingness to work are crucial for us.

What timeframe should the internship cover? Is there a minimum period?

In order to ensure a full professional induction, allocation of exciting projects and the desired learning effect, your placement will generally last for six months.

Can I apply for an internship as a foreign student?

We are very happy to give foreign students the chance to get to know our company better. Please apply at

Can we meet face-to-face at special events?

We put great emphasis on acquisition of new talent and are always interested in making contact with students and graduates. We therefore participate regularly in university fairs and networking events. We would be happy to supply you with information about our next planned activities on request.

Which locations can I apply to?

Most internships and dissertation placements are based at our company headquarters in Balingen. We regularly offer internships and dissertation placements abroad in our foreign subsidiaries. If you are interested in a placement at a different location, you are welcome to contact us.

What sort of working hours does an internship/dissertation placement involve?

As an intern, your working week amounts to 40 hours, which can be arranged with complete flexibility. Of course you may also be released for study periods at college or university or in the library, or for working on an internship project or dissertation outside the company.

I still have some questions – who can help me?

Your contact for all matters regarding internships/dissertation placements is Julia-Kathrin Vollmer. You can find contact details on our contacts page.

Questions regarding starting work

Does Bizerba offer help finding a place to live?

Naturally, we support you when it comes to finding a place to live close to your new workplace. We post advertisements internally and advertise in regional newspapers.

What is the induction period like for new employees?

We have a structured induction plan, at the end of which there is a trial period appraisal. The aim of the induction is to integrate new employees into our company structure quickly, to systematically “take them by the hand” and thus introduce them to their new working environment. All new employees are given an informational tour, where they will get their first overview of Bizerba.

What sort of career opportunities do I have at Bizerba?

We work with you to plan your career, and we push and encourage you. Based on your personal profile, we offer you targeted staff development measures, such as workshops, seminars and training and coaching sessions. We support you in the expansion of your technical, methodical and social skills. By enabling you to cooperate in projects groups that incorporate various departments and hierarchical levels, we promote networked thinking and action. As part of our annual employee appraisal, we guage the qualification needs of our employees and derive appropriate training measures from this. The key focus here, alongside optimization of technical know-how, is training in “soft skills”.

Is it possible to work for Bizerba abroad as well?

Our foreign subsidiaries are independent, operational sales and service companies in the individual countries. We would be happy to put you in touch with them.

I still have some questions – who can help me?

You will find the person to contact in the contacts section.

Do you have any further questions?

Then simply give us a call or send us an e-mail. And if you are already convinced that we can achieve great things together, then send us your application by post or e-mail today. We are looking forward to meeting you!


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