Transparent processes through networked weighing

Beneficial all around: Digital formulation creation


Digitized formulation creation brings benefits across the board in the food laboratory - whether it is developing new products, preparing and testing formulations or protecting secret formulations. Fields of application are, for example, dietary supplements and additives, seasonings, dairy and meat products, convenience products, confectionary or pet food


Also in the food quality assurance, high accuracy weighing instruments bring increased reliability and efficiency such as for


  • Analyzing production results
  • Ensuring consistent quality
  • Guaranteeing process reliability
  • Securing for inspections by larger customers

Our high accuracy weighing instruments have a scale interval ranging from 0.001 g to 1.0 g and are easy to operate. Bizerba's software solution BRAIN2 Capture records the process data which is then provided for your existing ERP system via Bizerba weighing terminal.


Furthermore, digital formulation creation helps you keeping an eye on your inventories and allows you easy tracking and transparent processes in case of necessary product recalls.

Inventories at a glance

A product sample is to be formulated but one ingredient is missing - this happens more than once in food laboratories. Our solution to this problem: Digitized formulation creation. During mixing, the article number of each ingredient is simply recorded with a handheld scanner. The scale weighs and transmits the weight of the removed quantity to the weighing terminal. The BRAIN2 Capture software is connected to your existing systems which allows you to view current inventory at any time. As soon as the inventory of an ingredient reaches a defined threshold, the purchasing department automatically receives a message and can reorder in due time.

Easy tracking & efficient processes

With digital formulation creation, recalls can be carried out more efficiently. If, for example, it turns out that a critical ingredient was used in the production of samples, these samples can be recalled in a targeted manner. BRAIN2 Capture makes it fully transparent showing the customers who have received a sample with the exact batch of the ingredient in question.

Digitizing quickly and easily



Scanning, weighing, knowing: The precision solution enhances your processes in the food laboratory. By the way, changing to digitized formulation creation is done quickly and easily as our solutions have short delivery times and can be used immediately.


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