Microsoft Envision Forum – Bizerba is Honored as the “Overall Winner“

Balingen, 9 Dec 2019 | The third Microsoft Envision Forum: Manufacturing was held in Munich (Germany) on November 19. Under the motto “Innovate. Transform. Compete. – Holistic Evolution of Industries”, representatives from industry giants including BASF, BMW or Bizerba joined to exchange their views about current and emerging trends in the manufacturing and process industry. As part of the “All Intelligent Manufacturing Awards”, Bizerba was also honored as the event’s “Overall Winner” for its intelligent Smart Shelf solution and its consistent transition towards becoming a solution provider.

Again, the Microsoft Envision Forum: Manufacturing enticed prominent players of the manufacturing industry to come to Munich where approximately 290 participants were given a comprehensive overview of Microsoft’s industry-centric machine-learning and artificial-intelligence approaches. In addition, numerous Microsoft partners also had the opportunity to talk about their goals and visions concerning the digitization of the value chain and to present their AI and ML-based tools and services. The event was accompanied by several talks mainly focused on the practical usability and scalability of AI projects.

Bizerba Honored as “Overall Winner“


The “All Intelligent Manufacturing Awards“ ceremony was a specific highlight of the Envision Forum. In different categories, companies including BMW, BASF or STIHL were honored for their innovative, future-oriented concepts and solution approaches in the smart-manufacturing sector. Innovate, Scale, Add Value and Envision: Convincing in all categories, Bizerba was honored as the “Overall Winner“. On behalf of Bizerba, the award was accepted by Stefan-Maria Creutz, VP digital transformation, and Franziska Klaiber, product line manager global retail market, who both were responsible for the project. The jury was convinced by the company’s AI-based Smart Shelf solution, which achieves a noticeable reduction of food waste and drives Bizerba‘s transition to a solution and service provider.


Following the “waste reduction” approach, Bizerba’s Smart Shelf solution integrates weighing technology directly into the shelves, ranging from warehouse shelves to manufacturing shelves, thereby enabling the automation of ordering and pricing processes and an efficient monitoring of inventories. In-shelf sensors, which detect the current center of mass using a patented algorithm, enable Bizerba’s Smart Shelf solution to determine the exact filling level of each compartment in order to yield information about shipped goods and necessary reordering.


Furthermore, data sent to MS Azure can be complemented with additional information including time, weather or social-media analyses that the application can use to give additional recommendations. For instance, Smart Shelf can advise retailers to offer specific products at a reduced price at a specific time with the goal to increase sales before closing time and to reduce potential excess inventory. Thus, reordering can be controlled in a targeted manner by an optimized sales process.


“Besides honoring our innovative Smart Shelf solution, the award also is an appreciation of our transition from a classical mechanical engineering company to a holistic solution provider. In this context, our software expertise and our ability to embed new digital technologies into integrated customer solutions play a significant role. We are also proud of the performance of our employees who continuously drive ahead our vision and who are the basis and the catalyst of our success”, said Andreas Kraut, CEO of Bizerba.


Bizerba will present the new Smart Shelf solution at the Euroshop 2020 trade show in Düsseldorf (Germany) from February 16 to 20.