BRAIN2 - digital enhancement for your production

Our software modules ensure secure processes specifically designed to your industry and your particular needs.

BRAIN2 - digital enhancement for your production

BRAIN2 adds a function boost to your production system.


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Package 1 - Your inventory in focus & correct formulating

  • Greater process security in the foodstuffs and chemicals environment: The software, BRAIN2 Formulation, takes you through the formulation process step by step.
  • Exact management of production processes: Formulation centrally manages all master data with material information, basis formulations, operating regulations and instructions.
  • Thanks to BRAIN2 Stock_Control, your quality management is improved right at the beginning of the supply chain: Important data such as weight, quantity or shelf-life are accurately registered and saved to the central ERP system.
  • Greater security: At incoming goods already, goods subject to quarantine regulations can be marked as such and blocked.

Package 2 - Transparency for all data records and optimal production

  • Reporting with BRAN2 Capture creates transparency: Production data from weigh price labelers, inspection systems and checkweighers are collected in a central database.
  • Batches can be analyzed based on different search criteria and by using user-defined tables.
  • Prepack_Compliance creates statistics data automatically based on predefined standards and manufacturer verifications, and centrally manages metal detector audits and foreign-object reports.
  • All reports are centrally stored and can be called up quickly.

Package 3 - Device backup at the right place

  • Automatic backups in the BRAIN2 database according to needs (daily, weekly, monthly) for checkweighers and weigh price labeling systems.
  • If devices have to be recovered or set up again, you can easily put the data back on the device - minimizing downtime.
  • You have clear access control thanks to password protection and can always see who did the last backup.

Package 4 - Individual professional labels

  • You can design individual labels, QR codes and Datamatrix codes at the computer with BRAIN2 Label_Designer. There are also format templates, for example including nutritional tables or GDA information
  • Easy to operate, graphical user interface; the label is shown on the screen exactly as it looks like (WYSIWYG).
  • All data is automatically saved in the BRAIN2 database.

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