2018 Diesel Medal: Bizerba Nominated in the “Most Successful Innovation Achievement” Category

Balingen, 12-Dec-2017 | As the representative of Bizerba, Andreas Kraut, CEO and shareholder, was nominated for the 2018 Diesel Medal in the “Most Successful Innovation Achievement” Category. The Diesel Medal acknowledges individuals and companies for achievements in the areas of innovation culture and inventions.

In its more than 150 years of company history, Bizerba has grown from a local scale manufacturer to a global player and technology leader. By continuously advancing its products and services, the family-owned company based in Swabia, Southern Germany today influences an entire industry on a worldwide basis. Bizerba is driven by the demand to continuously improve and expand its solution portfolio, thereby continuously providing new added value to the customers.


Bizerba products have evolved into all-rounders that can be used for multiple tasks. Scales have now become real high-tech products featuring internet connectivity and providing modern touch screens and the capability to control accounting processes. “Our success is driven by technological progress, innovation and sustainable solutions. The nomination is an honor for us and serves as an indication that we are on the right track”, said Andreas Kraut, CEO and sharholder of Bizerba, commenting the nomination.

Representing Germany’s oldest innovation award, the Diesel Medal is awarded in the categories “Best Media Communication”, “Best Innovation Sponsorship”, “Most Sustainable Innovation Achievement” and “Most Successful Innovation Achievement”. Apart from new market and product combinations, the latter also recognizes the environment and impact of the nominees’ achievements. The medal is awarded by the „Deutsches Institut für Erfindungswesen“ (German Institute for Inventions). The winners are selected by a jury of CTOs and CEOs from medium-sized enterprises in Germany and “hidden champions”. All in all, the jury represents half a million jobs and a total sales volume of approximately 100 billion euros.


The award ceremony of the 2018 Diesel Medal will be held on April 13, 2018 at the Deutsches Museum in Munich with guests from business, politics and media.