As Versatile as the Craft Itself: Bizerba at the SÜFFA 2018

Balingen, 19 Sep 2018 | Optimum results regarding ergonomics, hygiene, safety and efficiency have been Bizerba‘s goals and ambitions since more than 150 years. Therefore, the tradition-aware, family-owned company will again show its weighing and slicing solutions specifically targeting the craft and medium-sized businesses at this year’s SÜFFA trade show (Stuttgart/Germany, October 20 - 22). In hall 7, booth C11, visitors will be able to experience technologies enabling cost reductions and optimized processes and results, according to the motto “pure slicing is a thing of the past”.

Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect at the fresh-food counter. Customers expect qualified staff, high-quality goods and short waiting times. To make processes leaner and faster, the device solutions developed by Bizerba consolidate slicing and weighing in a single step. As such, Bizerba’s all-rounders offer real added value, improving customer satisfaction by reducing leg work. Target weights can be checked easily and intuitively thanks to membrane keypads and touch displays indicating the weight. When the target weight is reached, the slicing process is automatically stopped. Automatic slice counting is another feature of the integrated models, enabling employees to work at the counter without much leg work and to serve more customers in the same time without losing active contact. The features described above can be found in the VS12 series or the A550 slicer, for instance. The devices deliver precise results, additionally reducing product loss thanks to their tendency control

Safety First

As the hands of butchers are vulnerable precision tools, operator safety is a primary focus for Bizerba when manufacturing its equipment. Meeting international safety standards, Bizerba’s solutions include sophisticated safety concepts to eliminate any risk of injury in every step. For instance, the safety package “Illumination” feature visually indicates the current operating mode, and injury risk is reduced significantly by securely holding the items to be sliced. The rugged blade guard ring used in the automatic vertical slicers of the VSI series minimizes the risk of injuries when using, grinding or cleaning the machine. The firmly installed, single-piece grinding ring optimally prevents any inadvertent access. With the stop plate in its safety position, a negative slice thickness is selected, and the blade is fully covered.

Clean Working Environment

Hygiene is of primary importance in the meat-processing trade. While stainless steel or anodized surfaces are commonly used for slicers, the material used by Bizerba in many of its devices provides significantly better characteristics. Ensuring high product quality and efficient cleaning, the Ceraclean® surface finish features high abrasion resistance and optimum anti-stick and anti-friction properties. Liquids can easily drip off and any greasy or sticky residues can be removed quickly. Devices providing this feature, including the VS12 series, offer a special cleanliness effect. The smart design of Bizerba’s solutions also contributes to the hygienically perfect characteristics as the dishwasher-proof components can be removed without tools. The machines can also easily be cleaned by hand thanks to their open design. The same is true for the VSI automatic slicer where any fluids leaking from the product are led into the center of the machine in a controlled manner.

High Performance and Low Power Consumption

Bizerba wants to let customers feel that they have bought an environmentally compatible product. Product development, manufacturing and the products themselves are aimed at reducing the amount of energy, raw materials and other natural resources required. For this reason, a high-performance, energy-efficient motor concept is used in the slicers of the VS12, VSC and VSI series. Using the Emotion® intelligent drive concept, energy can be saved in every step. Motor power is controlled depending on the individual resistance of the product to be sliced, thus keeping blade speed constant. Power consumption only increases if the motor draws more current when slicing firm products. Consequently, the machines‘ average power consumption is reduced significantly, and components like the blade and other parts that come into contact with the product are heated only minimally. This, in turn, preserves the freshness of the goods. As another positive aspect for operators and customers alike, the motor is extremely quiet, contributing to a low-noise atmosphere at the fresh-food counter. Despite the low power consumption, however, the blade features superior cutting performance, providing clean cuts and perfect depositing.

Swiss Quality for any Occasion

Also on show at Bizerba‘s booth at this year’s SÜFFA will be the vegetable slicers from Brunner-Anliker. The products of the Swiss tradition manufacturer have been exclusively sold by Bizerba in Germany since last year. The handmade machines cut with a pulling motion that leads to much cleaner cut faces on vegetables that it would be possible by using conventional machines. As a result, processed foods are kept fresh for a significantly longer time, and nutrients and vital substances are preserved better. The different throughput volumes of the Brunner-Anliker vegetable slicers meet custom requirements. In addition, all devices feature a special cutting geometry and patented blades made of fiberglass composites, complying with highest hygiene and energy-efficiency standards.

A True One-Stop Shop

Visitors at the Bizerba booth can experience solutions specifically targeted at the meat-processing trade. This includes a compact bone saw for the preparation room lending itself to ergonomic, effective comminution and portioning in the daily operation. Thanks to the wide selection of blades, saws like the FK23 can be used to process products including quality fish or beef in a visually appealing manner and without excessive wastage.

Likewise, the mincer presented by Bizerba features highest quality and precision. Thanks to the snug fit, the meat is not squashed, but comminuted carefully without heating, resulting in a loose, fluffy meat structure, leading to an increase of the product’s shelf life. The extra-large, single-piece feed pans of Bizerba‘s mincers have no edge folding at the upper edge of the pan, ensuring optimum hygiene. Furthermore, the casing is entirely made of stainless steel for extraordinary ruggedness. The product portfolio is complemented by tenderizers, strip slicers and vacuuming devices.

In addition to slicers and meat-processing devices specifically directed at the needs of the craft, Bizerba will also demonstrate custom, flexible weighing solutions at the SÜFFA 2018. Today, as in the past, meeting highest hygiene standards is of primary importance for Bizerba. To save time and cost during cleaning, Bizerba scales feature an Easy Clean surface which is dirt-repellant, extremely rugged and corrosion-resistant. Therefore, Bizerba scales comply with the highest international hygiene regulations. Even persistent residues can be removed easily. Customer and operator displays are seamlessly integrated into the casing with a smooth interface to the display, thus preventing the collection of any dirt that would be hard to remove afterwards. Therefore, the Easy Clean displays feature a high-quality appearance in addition to the practical advantages they offer. Furthermore, the K-Class scales can be used for all key retail tasks including, weighing, checkout, advertising, printing and consulting. Modern software solutions including the .CWS merchandise management system serve as a control and information instrument supporting all key processes including ordering, control of goods received and billing reconciliation. All this is enabled by the modular structure offered by .CWS.