Better Slicing: Bizerba at the HOGA 2019

Balingen, 4 Dec 2018 | At the HOGA 2019 trade show (Nuremberg, Germany, January 13 - 15, 2019), Bizerba will present slicing solutions, stand-alone scales and meat-processing systems for the innovative hotel and restaurant industry. At the Bizerba booth (hall 3A, booth D70), restaurateurs, caterers, service personnel, butchers and persons in charge of the food trade will find powerful solutions for small hospitality operations and industrial kitchens.

From large-scale canteens to festive events and school canteens, customer expectations regarding modern catering operations are continuously rising. Vitamin-rich, well-balanced and varied food is not an exception anymore and has become a standard. Accordingly, Bizerba will present products including different vegetable slicers of the Swiss manufacturer Brunner-Anliker, which are exclusively sold in Germany by Bizerba, at this year’s HOGA trade show, under the motto “Einfach besser (ab)schneiden“, which means “better slicing” and “better performance”. Offering different throughput volumes, the hand-made vegetable slicers lend themselves to restaurants, inns, small and medium-sized canteens, large kitchens and hospitals alike.

High Performance in Small Space

No matter how large an operation is, flexibility is paramount in gastronomy operations apart from increased quality demands. Professional slicing machines no longer are immobile, cumbersome devices that can only be used in preparation kitchens. Instead, modern caterers want compact devices that are flexible and portable at the same time. Ideally, it should be possible to slice food directly at the customer’s premises. This is possible with models including the VSC 280 or VS 12 slicers from Bizerba. Thanks to their small footprint, they can be centrally placed on the buffet, thereby emphasizing the freshness and high quality of the catering service. The integrated scale of the VSC 280 additionally enables slicing and weighing to be done in a single step, which saves time and space. Furthermore, the devices are highly robust and easy to operate after just a short familiarization period.

Accurate in Any Position

Weighing goods requires efficiency and flexibility and must be done quickly and accurately. For applications that do not require sales slips, labels or dozens of additional features, Bizerba’s Economic Class is the solution of choice. With its compact design, this line can be operated independently of any mains supply. Bizerba’s EC II scales can be used in many applications from small food stores to pastry shops, bakeries, gastronomy kitchens and canteens. Their large, backlighted LCD displays is clearly arranged and easy to read in dark rooms and in bright sunlight.

On the other hand, customers interested in an efficient weighing solution suitable for a large weight range will like Bizerba’s System Class. Offering several model variants, the System Class is the optimum solution for all retail and service sectors. The different variants provided can be used for central tasks including serviced sale, self-service, price labeling and checkout. Further expansion options are available for additional use cases. Furthermore, all scales can be interconnected among each other and to the back office. Connection to external devices is also possible.

Gentle Power Packs

In addition to slicing and weighing solutions optimally adapted to the needs of the gastronomy sector, Bizerba’s large portfolio also encompasses meat-processing machines including mincers, tenderizers and bone saws. This includes multi-purpose machines that can be used for tenderizing food or as strip cutters, thus offering added value for large-scale caterers. Bizerba mincers, in turn, offer a clearance-free fit, ensuring that the goods are carefully comminuted without warming instead of being squashed, resulting in a loose meat structure and longer shelf life.

Bizerba’s comprehensive presence at this year’s HOGA trade show is complemented by the company’s multiple service packages. These packages are tailored to individual needs, products and equipment and cover all services that may be required during the lifecycle of a device or system. Customers thus can keep their total cost of ownership under control with the option to flexibly respond to changes at any time.