Bizerba Survey on Consumer Behavior Reveals: Germans Consume Significantly More Fresh Food

Balingen, 03-Mar-2017 | On the occasion of EuroShop, the world’s No. 1 retail trade fair, Bizerba, the market-leading supplier of technology solutions for food processing, has commissioned a survey on consumer behavior in Germany. Main questions concerned the importance of fresh food, the favorite shopping places of Germans and the role of the price. The representative survey was conducted in Germany in February 2017 by the market-research company OpinionWay.

Although prices for fresh food increased noticeably in 2016 (vegetable prices climbed by 10.7% while fruit prices rose by 4.6%), 41 percent of the respondents stated that they consume more fresh products today than they did five years ago. According to more than half (53%) of the respondents, this is caused by an increased awareness of healthy nutrition. On average, 131 Euros are spent for fresh products each month, although 44% of the surveyed consumers said that they spend less than 100 Euros for this food category. Overall, the majority is content with the prices they pay for fresh food.


Asked about the format that best meets their shopping demands and habits in the fresh-food segment, significantly more than half (55%) of the consumers named supermarkets and discounters, followed by direct sales and farmer’s markets (43%) and independent specialty stores (38%). Online trade still plays a very minor role in the fresh-food segment.


When asked about the reasons why they prefer pre-packed food over products from the fresh-food counter, consumers mentioned factors including more comprehensive information about origin, ingredients, possible allergens and best-before date. Apart from prices and special offers, the perceived quality of the product, its visual appearance and its origin are the key factors for the respondents’ wish to buy fresh food.


“The results of our survey confirm that German consumers appreciate the high investments of retailers into the fresh-food sector,” said Tudor Andronic, Vice President Global Retail, Bizerba. “At the same time, customers clearly expressed their demand for additional improvements of their shopping experience. The retail business should meet this demand by offering even more advice and information.”


The survey was held among more than 1,000 consumers in February 2017. Full results are available at the Bizerba booth (hall 6, booth 58) at the EuroShop.