Slicing, weighing, Stacking: The A560 and A660 Industrial Slicers from Bizerba

Balingen, 24 Oct 2019 | Bizerba introduces the industrial machines A560 and A660 which can be used for slicing, weighing and portioning a variety of goods to a specific target weight. While the A560 features a manual gripper, the A660 operates fully automatic, making it ideal for packed goods. Featuring a variety of application options, both slicers meet the requirements of large-scale and system gastronomy operations, catering companies, supermarkets, butcheries and industrial food-processing companies.

The A560 and A660 machines are flexible and economical to work with thanks to the quick changeover between different slicing goods and short retooling times. For instance, stored configurations can be recalled if necessary. No special tools are required for retooling or for accessing the electronics. The A560 and A660 devices achieve a high throughput of 250 or 300 slices per minute, respectively. Their ability to handle slicing goods with lengths of 600mm or 900mm, respectively, makes the machines ideal for use in industrial production environments. While the A560 is an entry-level model for small-scale production processes, the A660 is a robust industrial-grade machine.

Slicing and Weighing in a Single Step


A560 and A660 feature utmost flexibility and efficiency. Both machines can be used for slicing almost all kinds of cheese and sausage, and without any pre-freezing in most cases. Thanks to their integrated weighing technology, the machines enable portion and single-slice weighing in industrial environments. They can portion virtually all kinds of slicing goods to a precise weight and feature a versatile cold-cuts holder. With their integrated slicing and weighing functionality, they also reduce any spillover and achieve a measurable reduction of product residues.


While the A560 excels in processing natural, unadulterated products, the A660 scores when it comes to equalized goods. It doesn’t matter if the products have to be processed to form a decorative stack, shingle or single portion. With its tendency-control functionality within a portion, the slicer achieves a specific target weight.


The versatility of the machines also includes the location. Due to their space-saving design, they can be used in small rooms. Their stability has been improved compared to previous models. Thanks to their castors, the devices are also mobile. A560 and A660 feature improved corrosion protection and a new sealing concept offering better protection against short circuits caused by condensation. Furthermore, both machines are significantly more robust than their predecessors, and maintenance is also easier.


Using the _statistics.BRAIN industrial software, it is also possible to acquire the most important production data and to access production parameters and information about line performance. Processes can thus be optimally controlled, documented and analyzed.