The New Approach Towards Customer Experience: Bizerba at the EuroCIS 2019

Balingen, 17 Jan 2019 | Under the motto “RETAILMENT – It´s about the Journey”, Bizerba will present hardware and software solutions for all sectors and formats of the retail industry at this year’s EuroCIS trade show (Düsseldorf/Germany, February 19-21, 2019). Visitors at the trade show will be able to experience how new approaches can be used to transform the ordinary stop at the supermarket into an improved shopping experience for the end customer. As a co-exhibitor at the Microsoft booth (hall 9/booth F39), Bizerba will also demonstrate solution approaches for “IoT Fresh Shelf Management“, which will enable continuous inventory monitoring based on intelligent sensors.

However, “It´s about the Journey” is not only Bizerba’s motto at this year’s EuroCIS, but also a significant factor regarding the expectations of today’s retail customers. Apart from a wide range of goods, quality and freshness, customers demand a convenient shopping experience as well as entertainment and interaction involving them into the events. In this context, current approaches like self-checkout result in an improved buying process and an enhanced shopping experience.

For this reason, Bizerba’s portfolio at the EuroCIS 2019 includes the AI-based “Supersmart powered by Bizerba“ self-scanning solution developed with the Israeli start-up company Supersmart. The solution consists of a mobile app (or a handheld self-scanner) and an accompanying validation unit. End consumers can use the app on their smartphones to scan the barcodes on the products they want to buy before putting them into their shopping basket or cart. The goods are then verified by a validation unit and an AI-based platform. This is done within a few seconds using well-thought-out algorithms, multiple weight sensors and computer vision, resulting in a greatly accelerated verification and payment process.

The Self-Empowered Customer

Filling and packing food by themselves in the store also is increasingly appealing to end consumers. In the so-called organic-store or zero waste concepts, customers fill the required quantities of loose goods, like nuts or noodles, into environmentally-friendly, reusable containers they bring along. This contributes to the reduction of plastic waste and less wastage of food. Product lines including the K-Class Flex II Pro series offer flexible means to implement such concepts thanks to their modular building-block approach. Weight sensors directly integrated into the shelves lead to an additional waste reduction due to continuous inventory monitoring. They enable a demand-driven production or targeted sales of goods using dynamic pricing or advertisements at the end of the day. Thus, shelves will be neither too empty nor too full immediately before the shop closes.

The trend towards more sustainable store and sales concepts becomes apparent in the way products are labeled. Bizerba’s offers in this context include bio-degradable labels or linerless labels with a glue that is easily removable from reusable containers.

Readily Weighed

Innovative, flexibly usable device solutions are required for adequately implementing new store concepts in the self-service sector. Featuring a high-performance Intel® Quad Core processor, the M-Class II Pro scale provides everything required from a modern self-service scale. In addition, the linerless printer with its auto-cutter functionality enables flexible label lengths, accompanied by easy cleaning and intuitive operation by end customers and staff.

Omnichannel: Online Meets Offline

However, innovative hardware solutions are not the only thing required to cope with new market trends. New service offers are in demand as well. Customers want the ability to conveniently buy their food on the internet either at home or on the move. New pick-up and delivery processes including in-store pickup, drive through or home delivery are increasingly adopted. Therefore, the dividing line between online and offline trade begins to blur more and more. The EasyOrder RetailApp connects the customer’s web shop with the scales and slicers at the fresh-food counter. Customer orders arriving digitally can thus be captured and processed directly at the store equipment. Furthermore, order fulfillment is also optimized by smart slicing and weighing combinations. Retailers therefore benefit from an additional sales channel in addition to their stationary sales and from more efficient processes in the fresh-food sector.