Consulting Waste Management and avoidance of out-of-stock situations

Limited staff resources are no exception in retail making regular visual inspection of shelves difficult in many stores. Consequences are lost sales and disappointed customers who can't always find what they are looking for. Learn from our retail specialists how you can automate inventory monitoring through networking and digitization to avoid out-of-stock situations.

Stock monitoring automation and more

Learn about ways to automate sales promotions and demand-driven production through hardware and software solutions using artificial intelligence such as in the bakery sector. Smart shelves and matching software make it possible. Avoid overproduction – and thus food waste – as reliably as out-of-stock situations.


Optimal use of potentials in the fresh food area

Particularly the fresh food area allows for potentially relatively high margins. Our Bizerba retail specialists show you how to increase profits by optimizing your assortments based on needs with intelligent Bizerba solutions. Assuring product freshness permanently and reliably can also be automated with the right solution. You can reduce risks of human errors and shortcomings to a minimum. Even inventory in the fresh food area can be automated efficiently. Recording by article and in categories as well as the evaluation of breakage and spoilage additionally help you to optimize production.


Best Practice from internationally successful projects

Rely on Bizerba consulting and on the proven industry know-how of our retail specialists. Their comprehensive best-practice experience from numerous international customer projects will help you reach your goals. If you operate an international branch network, we will be happy to provide you with support across countries, including training, service and our dense global partner network. We advise you along the entire value chain and show you current trends such as digitization and Retail 4.0, IT security and sustainability. Benefit from our experts' cross-industry 360° view which also considers upstream and downstream processes.


Transparency of costs and planning reliability

Your Bizerba consultants help you minimize risks, create cost transparency and achieve planning security for your investments. We provide manufacturer-neutral advice and can develop a holistic, individual implementation solution, if desired. Learn about contemporary approaches and solutions which can increase your efficiency, profitability and revenue.

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