Checkup contract

The Checkup contract includes regular technical monitoring of systems and devices by the Bizerba Service.

With the Checkup contract from Bizerba, as part of the yearly visits all necessary maintenance measures can be identified and further steps be discussed on site.
Bizerba Service is your competent partner who knows the ins and outs of your situation and your requirements and can respond to them individually and personally.


  • Our in-house established information management makes sure our service technicians are always informed and up to date on all the hygiene and security regulations.
  • Advice on observing standards and statutory regulations by a trained, competent partner who knows all about the applicable regulations which ensures prompt statutory certification.

Product images and technical information could deviate and may not be available in your country.

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  • Annual inspection based on a detailed, device-specific checklist
  • Weight check
  • Safety inspection as per VDE 0701/0702
  • Travel expenses
  • Increase of preventative maintenance intervals
  • Term of 12 to 60 months
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