Dynamic checkweigher CWHmaxx

Our clean solution for fully automatic weight control ‒ the dynamic checkweigher CWHmaxx. It was specifically developed for high demands of the food industry. The hygienic design impresses in terms of quality of the materials used, open structures and rounded surfaces. Your benefit: An easy to clean checkweigher for food with precise weighing results.

The dynamic checkweigher CWHmaxx combines finest weighing technology with demanding hygienic design. It checks up to 300 packages per minute and safely rejects non-conforming products from the production process. In combination with an integrated metal detector the CWHmaxx ensures your quality standard. Products containing undesired foreign metal objects are safely rejected. Each system will be individually manufactured to suit your requirements. Irrespective of the selected metal detector, rejection systems and belt dimensions the system stands on only 4 stable feet. There are less dirt corners and cleaning is easier. Thanks to the stable single frame construction the entire system can be easily relocated. Fitted with 3 conveyor belts and a 12.1" color touch screen with graphical user interface the CWHmaxx is perfectly suitable for quality assurance: You gain 100 % control over fill quantity, sorting and classification of your products.

Area of Use

  • Suitable for the hygienically controlled area between open and packaged goods
  • Fill quantity regulation and control
  • Prepack regulations
  • Classification of products by weights


  • Hygiene Design: open design with smooth surfaces made of high quality stainless steel
  • Protection type IP65 or IP69
  • 12.1" color touchscreen
  • Weighing range: 50 g to 6 kg
  • Maximum throughput: 300 packages per minute
  • Memory for up to 100,000 items
  • Display, operating elements and processes can be customized
  • 80 weight classes
  • Belt unit and quick-change belt system

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Industry 4.0: Intelligent solutions for more success

Industry 4.0: Intelligent solutions for more success


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  • Metal detector can be integrated
  • Indexing and discharge belts, rejection systems and reject bins
  • Protocol strip printer
  • Data can be viewed and evaluated online with BRAIN2
  • Line integration package
Specifications Facts Details
Weighing data Weighing range:
CWHmaxx 3000
CWHmaxx 6000

1,500 g | 3,000 g
3,000 g | 6,000 g
Scale division d:
CWHmaxx 3000
CWHmaxx 6000

0.5 g | 1 g
1 g | 2 g
Verification scale interval e:
CWHmaxx 3000
CWHmaxx 6000

0.5 g | 1 g
1 g | 2 g
Minimum load: 50 g
Performance data Depending on length of weighing conveyor
Max. throughput: 300 packages per minute
Max. belt speed: 79-120 m/min
Min. belt speed: 5 m/min
Conveyor belt Belt width: 300 mm Length specifications always as axle distance:
Weighing belt lengths:
400-600 mm

400, 500, 600 mm
Infeed belt lengths:
400-600 mm

400, 500, 600 mm
Discharge belt lengths:
400-1,250 mm

400, 500, 600, 750, 1000, 1,250 mm
Belt colors: white and blue White as a standard
Roll diameter: 32 mm
Belt body and quick belt change system
Rollers made of aluminum, surface hard coated
Transport Conveying direction
Transport height
Left to right | right to left
750 - 1,000 mm
Software licenses STATISTICS
To create statistics
To classify up to 80 products
Options Facts Details
Metrologically approved as per OIML R 87 Prepack regulations (FPV) control The checkweighers are metrologically approved as per accuracy class
XIII (1) and suitable for prepack regulations control
Metal detector Integrated metal detector

Metal detector belt length
The metal detector is operated from the display of the checkweigher
750 | 1000 mm
Protocol printer Mounted to control cabinet Incl. license LINE_PRINTER and serial interface
Emergency stop Emergency stop with belt switch-off
Emergency stop with pneumatic system and belt switch-off
Mounted to main column, turns off conveyor drives, additionally switches pneumatic system off
Emergency operation function The conveyor belts of the checkweighers can be started manually even if the operating and control unit failed The belts run in order to ensure the production flow (without weighing function). Operation via extra module in the control cabinet with adjustable belt speeds
Tendency control kit Incl. license Tendency Control and relay
Line integration kit 3 outputs via relay and 1 input



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