Intelligent XRE-D pro X-ray Inspection System

Discover the new XRE-D pro! The intelligent X-ray system for the inspection of packaged products sets standards in terms of detection accuracy and application flexibility.

The inspection system XRE-D pro detects all foreign objects which the X-rays absorb differently as compared to the surrounding product due to their density, chemical composition or dimensions.
The intelligent power management of the X-ray system constantly ensures an optimal performance and thus increases the life cycle of the tube. The optional dual energy technology considerably enhances the detection of impurities with a lower density such as PVC, rubber, ceramics, stones, calcified bones and similar materials.
The system reliably checks completeness of closed packagings and can thereby optionally hide elements such as aluminum clips. Also in aluminum-packaged products the XRE-D pro identifies impurities resulting from non-magnetic stainless steels and non-ferrous metals. In addition to foreign objects the XRE-D pro also detects missing, defective or misshaped products as well as over or underweight.
Thanks to a special quick conveyor belt change system the belt can be changed within two minutes only.

Area of Use

  • Contaminant detection
  • Counting of products
  • Completeness check
  • Detection of defective/misshaped products
  • Inspection of multiple lines
  • Inspection of products with variable density ranges


  • Standard Higher Level Compliance Package ensures highest safety
  • Intelligent power management for a longer life cycle of the X-ray components
  • Intelligent power management for a longer life cycle of the X-ray components

Product images and technical information could deviate and may not be available in your country.

  • Warranty of five years or 30,000 operating hours for the X-ray tube

Inspection area

  • 330/200 mm
  • 450/250 mm
  • 600/120 mm



  • Foreign body detection
    • Magnetic, non-magnetic metals
    • Glass
    • Nonmetallic minerals
    • Bones
    • Rubber
    • PVC
  • Detection of product defects
    • Masking functions (hiding of disturbing effects from packaging components such as clips)
    • Completeness check / fill level check
    • Total weight (accuracy depending on the product)
    • Breakage control
    • Deformation
    • Air pockets
    • Clumping

For detailed information, please download the technical data sheet.


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