Semi-automatic tray sealer TPE10

Package fresh food easily, quickly and efficiently, optionally also with MAP or skin technology: Our semi-automatic tray sealer TPE10 makes your work easier, for instance through mold change without the need of other tools. Use the TPE10 as needed for a wide variety of packaging types and materials. An individual retail solution for maximum flexibility which requires minimal space.

With the TPE10 tray sealer, you can easily and quickly seal a wide variety of packages - for optimum freshness and longer shelf life. The TPE10 integrates common packaging technologies. Depending on configuration and equipment it is suitable for tray sealing, MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) or even skin packs. Packaging of products protruding the tray edge gives you more options.


Easy mold changes make you flexible to respond quickly to changing requirements in terms of packaging types or sizes. Assortments in the refrigerated display case can be adapted to actual demand. With an optional heatable mold holder trolley, molds and tray holders can be easily removed, replaced and stored.


The compact, mobile version of the TPE10 ensures easy equipment placement in the preparation room. An integrated compressor reduces the installation effort.

Area of Use

  • Preparation room of supermarkets
  • Butcher’s shops
  • Further production facilities for fresh food


  • Wide range of applications and maximum flexibility for packaging types with interchangeable mold and tray holders
  • Supports MAP and skin packs - with a single device
  • Universal sealing mold:
    • Processing of a wide range of tray sizes with the same mold through easy tray holder change
    • MAP and skin packs can be processed using a quick-change adapter in a single tray holder
  • Packaging-specific sealing molds:
    • Automatic film cutting at the tray edge, therefore higher throughput and less effort
  • Tool-free tray holder change
  • Integrated compressor

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Further details


  • Compact, mobile design
  • 7" color touch screen for easy programming and operation of the device



  • Supports MAP, skin packs and cardboard trays with protrusion
  • Laterally mounted preheating system for certain skin pack applications
  • Most different molds and tray holders
  • Automatic or manual film cutting at the tray edge
  • Network connection (e.g. for remote support)

Technical data



  • Semi-automatic
    • Automatic sealing of product
    • Manual package feeding and opening/closing of the tray holder compartment by the operator

Supported applications and technologies

  • Tray sealing, MAP (applications based on selected configuration and device equipment)
  • Skin packs (without/with protrusion, depending on mold)


  • Quick and easy to replace
  • Packaging-specific or universal mold

Usable tray materials

  • PE, PP, PET, PS, CPET, aluminum, paper/cardboard


  • 2/3 cycles per minute

Dimensions (W x H x D)

  • 1,055 x 1,365 x 998.5 mm

Electrical connection

  • 3 x 400 V+N+PE, 50 Hz

Power consumption

  • 4,000 W (63m³/h pump), 4,800 W (100m³/h pump)


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