RetailApp EatABite

The RetailApp EatABite consists of license modules which can be freely combined and are also individually available.



Table service made easy: With RetailApp EatABite you easily serve a table in your catering area and benefit from new processes in your sales procedure.


The ChecknBillSplit function makes table serving and billing easier. In the catering sector, table bills are mostly paid after consumption – and split per guest if requested. RetailApp EatABite offers a simple solution. Besides the counter selling process the scale also manages the entire process of the table orders via this function. Whether an item is to be added to a table or a bill should be split – RetailApp EatABite helps. A table bill can be split in numerous single bills. And each guest can receive his own bill. No more tedious adding up of individual items thanks to ChecknBillSplit.




  • Recording of table orders directly on the scale
  • Selectable VAT for in-house consumption
  • Printing of table orders for preparation area
  • Table billing per guest possible
  • Receipt for meals & entertainment expenses available



  • Selling and table service via one device
  • Paying of table bill after consumption
  • No manual adding up of individual items of a bill: Splitting function creates individual bills per guest



  • New RetailApp
  • RetailApp - new architecture:
    • Supplied by default in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian
    • Configuration via web interface for editing on scale or remote editing
    • Integration in ScaleBackup and Monitoring
    • Deinstallation process

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