RetailApp FraudPrevention

Take action against theft in self-service easily and effectively: The FraudPrevention RetailApp raises the hurdle for cheaters.

The FraudPrevention Retail App creates an image of the load platter immediately after registration. The recorded image is shown to the customer on the display for the period of time you set. In addition to this, the customer is notified that the recorded image will be sent to the cash register. This considerably reduces the risk of customers putting more into their bag than they have weighed. A preventive function that has a psychological effect on your customers, reducing the number of products that have been incorrectly labeled on purpose.




  • Automatic recording of image after each registration
  • Displaying of recorded image plus notification of transfer to cash register system
  • Transfer of image to freely definable target system
  • Storage of images in back office system



  • Psychological influence on customer
  • Increases inhibition to add items to bag after registration
  • Reduced fraud rate
  • Reduced loss of sales



  • RetailApp - new architecture:
    • Delivery by default in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian
    • Configuration via web interface for editing on scale or remote editing
    • Integration in ScaleBackup and Monitoring
    • Uninstallation process

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