RetailApp PaperNearEnd

No more end of paper: Avoid empty label rolls on your scales, particularly in unattended self-service areas by means of the early warning system of RetailApp PaperNearEnd.

RetailApp PaperNearEnd signalizes when a scale's label roll is empty. Warning signals may be sent via e-mail, be displayed in the central monitoring or be visualized via a visual signal of an USB lamp. A combination of all three notification types is possible. Once an individually configurable threshold value has been reached, the RetailApp issues a warning before the label roll is empty. Depending on the end of paper status different notifications are sent. Higher availability of the scales due to PaperNearEnd.




  • USB lamp connection for visual signals
  • Notification of label roll status via e-mail
  • Monitoring function for displaying the current status
  • Early warning system before a label roll is empty – alert threshold configurable



  • Early warning prior to end of paper possible
  • Higher availability of the scales
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to less down times of self-service scales



  • RetailApp - new architecture:
    • Supplied by default in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian
    • Configuration via web interface for editing on scale or remote editing
    • Integration in ScaleBackup and Monitoring
    • Deinstallation process
  • Changed design due to the use of a RetailVision interface
  • E-mail notification for paper status messages introduced
  • Connection to monitoring functions
  • Release for Linux operating system (light functionality still only under Windows)

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