Manual vertical slicer VS12

The manual premium vertical slicer sets worldwide standards in terms of ergonomics, hygiene and safety.

It stands out due to its wealth of variants. Individual and powerful slicer for a variety of products to be sliced in manual mode. The vertical carriage ensures ergonomic, upright operation while providing an optimal view of the slicing result.
Powerful blade drive, optionally with intelligent motor control Emotion®. In addition, the VS12 can be fitted with Ceraclean® surface which is easy to clean and ensures easy feeding of products to the blade.

Area of Use

  • Particularly suitable as allrounder for kitchens and cafeterias/canteens
  • Sales counter


  • Perfect hygienic design: Disassembly without tools, dishwasher-safe (Ceraclean®) attachment parts as well as open design for ease of cleaning
  • Fine adjustment for slice thickness in range 0 – 3 mm
  • Powerful Bizerba motor with intelligent motor control Emotion® with energy saving, low-noise operation and virtually no heating up of the depositing area
  • Optional hygienic Ceraclean® surface
  • Minimized risk potential since entire slicing area is covered during blade sharpening procedure
  • Fine adjustment of components ensuring high quality of precise slices over the entire live cycle of the blade
  • Operation is particularly easy thanks to a Ceraclean® surface with outstanding gliding properties, technically mature ergonomics and thus absolutely safe for the user. Removable parts are dishwasher safe and can also be easily cleaned by hand.
  • Ceraclean® surface refinement
  • Energy saving mode Emotion®
  • Blade options: Ceraclean® blade, cheese blade, bread blade
  • Version with integrated portion scale up to 3 kg / 2 g
  • Remnant holder variants smooth, checkered, with spikes
  • Product fixation device
  • Bias cut device


  • Alternating current 230 V
  • Three-phase current 230 V / 400 V (not with Emotion)


Housing materials

  • anodized aluminum
  • Ceraclean® (optional)


Outer dimensions L x B x H / L x W x H

  • 625 x 555 x 488 mm / 24.6” x 21.9” x 19.2”


Blade diameter

  • 330 mm / 13”


Blade alignment


Max. product size

  • Round: Ø 225 mm / 8.9”
  • Height: 175 mm / 6.9”
  • Width: 260 mm / 10.2”


Slice thickness adjustment

  • Continuous 0 - 24 mm / 0 - 0.95”
  • Fine setting 0 - 3 mm / 0 - 0.12”


Protection type

  • IP 33
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