Smart contracts

With our Smart Contracts you will discover a perfect balance of individuality, quality and economy offering you more flexibility.

Smart Contracts - more flexibility for your investments

Advantages of the Smart Contracts


Open technology model

With this Smart contract version you can choose from our latest system technology or retail technology. Specifically designed for your industry and your particular needs. We take over the service of the system. For this service you pay a fixed price.


Focus labeling technology

Also here, we offer you the most up-to-date technology customized to your requirements. We supply high-quality Bizerba labels and take care of the service. You only pay for the individually agreed label volume (Pay per Use).


More freedom

Smart Contracts offer you financial freedom allowing you to respond to market changes or to capture new markets, for example. Also updating your production to the latest technical state is possible. Your entrepreneurial risk is greatly reduced: For a defined time period you only pay for services received from us.

No matter how you set up your Smart Contract: You are opting for most up-to-date technology and latest features. And you benefit from lean processes since you have only one contact person permanently assigned to you taking care of all your needs. We are your partner you can rely on. So you can concentrate on what's important – your customers.


Transparent costs

The all-in-one solutions of the Smart Contracts consider the Life Cycle Costs of your system. This makes costs predictable. The extent of your plan is up to you – you decide with your personal Smart Contract.


Optimal budgeting

Smart Contracts create a positive Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of your system.