Efficient and future-proof slicing at the fresh foods counter

Bizerba slicing solutions take efficiency, hygiene and quality at the fresh foods counter to a whole new level. Discover smart systems designed to not only save time and money, but to also increase process transparency and product quality. We have been supporting the meat industry with the latest technologies for over 150 years. What does that mean today? For example, it means that the enormous potential of networking, digitization and new operating, energy and hygiene concepts are finding their way to you. Solutions suitable for everyday use that are tailored precisely to meet the current challenges and those anticipated in the future in the retail sector.

Bizerba - Efficient and future-proof slicing

Connected slicing - SmarterSlicing by Bizerba

Operator support, centralized device management and efficient service – discover the benefits of networking for greater efficiency and transparency in your processes at the fresh foods counter and in your administration.


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Hygienic slicing

Hygienic design and the latest special Ceraclean® surface coating makes Bizerba slicers consistently designed for the most thorough hygiene and easy cleaning.