BPF-free thermal paper

Safe and environmentally friendly

The use of thermal paper at POS systems and scales in the food industry is now being sharply criticised, as this may pose a health risk for both employees as well as customers. The reason for this is that high levels of the chemical bisphenol (BPA and BPS) are frequently present in the thermo-reactive coating. Bizerba Labels & Consumables (L&C) has already responded to the potential health risks even if the issue has not been publicly debated as yet.



  • Only safe thermal paper is produced
  • Special BPA-free developer
  • Only the slightest traces of BPS (<0,04%)
  • Continuous further development in environmental compatibility and consumer safety


Features and functions

Our standard range includes only thermal papers that do not pose a health risk. For instance, a special BPA-free developer with only the slightest traces of BPS (<0.04%) is used in Bizerba Thermo-Top papers.


As a company that thinks and acts responsibly, Bizerba will now only be offering safe solutions that do not pose a health risk. We do not wait until our products are publicly criticised but develop them further on an ongoing basis – with respect to environmental compatibility, user-friendliness and consumer safety.