Individual customer solution in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres

For a customer located in France, we developed and implemented a demanding, universal filling solution from a single source. The company is a global supplier of fuels and additives for a variety of motor sport types.

Individual customer solution in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres:

Due to an increased demand, the customer had to raise production throughput at a first location. The customer requested a high-performance filling solution for different types of fuels and additives. The entire production facility is categorized as an area with a potentially explosive atmosphere. The system should be mobile so that if necessary it could compensate for potential downtimes at other production lines. Ideally, the customer wanted to be able to roll out this solution to be introduced to other international locations of the company

We analyzed the need and the upstream and downstream processes in detail. In coordination with the customer, we developed a semi-automatic solution, designed for filling the various types of fuels and additives. The filling system is the FSL-PRO M. The solution offers flexibility for the container types - 60 l and 100 l capacity drums as well as 1000 l capacity IBCs. What was installed was a 300/600/1,500 kg multi-interval scale with a 100/200/500 g partition. Matching the conditions on site, the filling system, the infeed and outgoing lines are arranged in a U-shape so that they can be easily loaded and unloaded. All necessary components are installed directly in the hazardous area. No fresh air supply is required for controlling via the iS50-EX Industrial Weighing Terminal.

The customer enjoys the desired range of flexibility - both for the tank sizes as well as the ability to set the system up easily at alternating locations. The Bizerba BRAIN2 industrial software offers traceability for analysis purposes, ensuring increased production transparency. Data is recorded with the Data_Maintenance software from Bizerba. Thanks to its global presence, Bizerba is able to duplicate this project solution at the customer’s other production locations. Bizerba can perform the initial calibration throughout the EU, and upon request in non-EU countries as well.