Transparency with QR codes: Know where your food comes from

Transparency plays an ever increasing role for many consumers. By now, roughly 50 meat and sausage producers are offering systems on a nationwide basis which enable consumers to receive information on their meat's fattening, slaughtering and processing locations via the QR code. They are sending a signal to their customers that they have nothing to hide.

QR code technology printed by Bizerba labeler on Bizerba labels

With Interface to data providers

With the integrated QR code solution from Bizerba, customers such as Tönnies, Wiesenhof and Müller Fleisch can check the origin of a product at any time via Internet. In production, master and production data is stored on a server and sent upon request in encrypted form to providers such as mynetfair and fTRACE. At the same time, price labelers print the QR codes onto labels referring to these data records. Dynamic information such as batch number of the product and time and date of manufacture are integrated into the code.