Reliable Foreign-Body Detection with Bizerba’s INTUITY Metal-Detection Coil

Balingen, 9 Nov. 2017 | Suitable for use in dry and wet areas, the INTUITY metal-detection coil from Bizerba reliably detects any metallic contaminants in products or bulk goods. Using the multi-simultaneous frequency technology, the metal-detection device uses at least two frequencies to check packed or unpacked goods for steel, stainless steel, iron or non-ferrous residues.

INTUITY improves product quality and minimizes the risk of recall campaigns, thereby increasing product safety and consumer confidence. To ensure contaminant-free goods, the metal-detection system generates an electro-magnetic field near the coil. Each product passing the detector leaves a specific pattern, and any deviations from this pattern indicate a contamination. Affected products can be ejected via a pre-installed conveyor belt. Improved product compensation and increased sensitivity enable more precise detection results in combination with steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. The metal-detection coil especially excels with meat products and similar goods that exhibit a strong product effect (intrinsic conductivity).

Innovative Control

INTUITY is controlled using the innovative INTUITY CONTROL user interface. It enables the pre-selection of products and associated settings to predict the object size to be detected. INTUITY includes a multi-product memory and provides HACCP, IFS and BRC compliant quality control including audit check, a password-protected system log and a menu-driven validation system.

Providing a 7-inch touch display as a standard feature, INTUITY also features high mechanical stability and interference immunity and is largely insensitive to vibrations, impacts and temperature changes. The metal-detection coil can be flexibly integrated into conveyor systems like VARICON+, checkweighers and price labeling systems. As an additional option, it can also be combined with a separating system or a materials slide. Straightforward cleaning is facilitated by the hygienic design not having any dirt-collecting edges. For an efficient wet cleaning of the tunnel, INTUITY meets the requirements of IP66/69 for the detection tunnel and IP65 for the entire device.