EuroShop 2017: Bizerba Presents the World’s First Digital Vertical Slicer

Balingen, 6 Mar. 2017 | Bizerba introduces the VSI automatic vertical slicer as a network-enabled, flexible solution with integrated target-weight control. The device combines high slicing performance with low energy consumption. Thanks to its networking capability, the machine can be integrated into the IT ecosystem of retail companies. Furthermore, new business models can be implemented for online trade in the fresh-food sector.

As successors of the proven A400 series, the new VSI models are available in different variants. The compact table version lends itself to use at the fresh-food counter, while the conveyor version is designed for industrial applications. Both models optionally include integrated checkweighers with target-weight optimization. The slicing performance of all models has been increased significantly. In addition, different products can be processed simultaneously.

The user interface has been re-developed from scratch: the machine is controlled via a touch interface that is easy to customize. Therefore, maintenance operations can now be scheduled optimally, and resource optimization is enabled by analyzing and controlling usage data. A remote-service scheme can be offered for the slicing machine as well. Integration of the VSI machine into the device ecosystem is possible in combination with Bizerba’s RetailControl software, enabling the slicer to be inventoried and administered with the scales.


The new device series heralds Bizerba’s ‘digital slicing’ approach, which enhances the purely mechanical slicing process by data management and digitization. Thus, retailers can now offer their customers various ordering options. In addition to the usual way directly at the fresh-food counter, customers can issue their orders using a store-owned tablet or their smartphone. This way, the VSI slicer provides solutions for the challenges of trading fresh-food online.


As a table version, the machine fits into the processes at modern fresh-food counters. By weighing as part of the slicing process, product remnants are minimized when slicing toward a target weight. Multiple devices can be combined as part of a line solution including packing machines. All VSI models use the Emotion® drive, which is well-proven in Bizerba slicers, resulting in a uniquely low energy consumption in this performance class. Intelligent motor control ensures that the appropriate force is applied during the slicing process depending on the product. Based on a hygiene-aware design, the machines feature a high protection rating, which makes them suitable for industrial cleaning procedures using foam cleansers and hoses. Any pollution of the counter and the floor is avoided because any liquids are collected in a central container, thereby reducing the risk of contamination to a minimum. The entire line carries the ETL seal of the international testing agency Intertek and meets the NSF hygiene standard for the North-American market.