RetailApp Concept

RetailApps - small units of functionality with major impact. These useful applications supplement the RetailPowerScale scale solution and combine individuality with the advantages of standard software. Modular design, readily available, at an attractive price.

RetailApps create unlimited flexibility for greater performance at the scale
RetailApps are separate, self-contained solutions that dock into the standardized RetailPowerScale scale software via an interface. The modular architecture allows quick and simple implementation of expansions: from concept to on-scale implementation in just a few steps. They are precisely scalable in terms of functionality and their layout can be adapted as required. RetailApps are the key to turning ideas into reality. The advantages are clear: lower costs thanks to modular standards! Many retail functionalities are already available as RetailApps: to handle traceability data, to manage orders directly on the scale, to run promotions in the store, or to generate timed actions and messages – everything is possible! RetailApps are made available centrally for immediate implementation and operation. Thanks to international coordination of their development, the range of RetailApps is growing all the time. RetailApps - can it be a little more?


  • Fast and cost-effective implementation
  • Design according to customer requirements
  • Continuous expansion of scope of performance during the entire life cycle of RetailPowerScale scales thanks to RetailApps
  • Selection of suitable RetailApps from a constantly growing solution portfolio
  • Benefit from ideas from around the world

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This category includes all RetailApps which, due to their procedure, take care of administrative tasks or optimize administration processes.


Category examples:


  • KeyOrganizer for fast and effective organization of the scale interface
  • ShelfTag for printing of individually designed shelf tags
  • TimedAction for controlled processes and information directly on the scale

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