RetailApp TraceListing

Flexible origin data management: Maintain your origin data for your articles with the RetailApp TraceListing - different approaches of origin data management combined in one solution.

The RetailApp TraceListing with step-by-step operator prompting allows to maintain different origin information on the scale: Manual input, scanning, predefined lists or the input of dates via a calendar element. Correct labeling and fast access to changed origin information are ensured via the management on the scale. For faster processes, already maintained origin data is saved with the article and can be used again with the next call-up. Thanks to its manifold configuration options RetailApp TraceListing covers various requirements in the origin data management. Individual maintenance of origin information with TraceListing.




  • Flexible origin data maintenance – definable in process, structure, data content and user interface
  • Supports manual data maintenance, input via scanner, predefined lists (e.g. country lists) or maintaining dates via calendar.
  • Configurable for use in label operation and/or ticket operation



  • This flexible solution meets various origin data requirements.
  • Saved origin information can be tracked.
  • Easy operator prompting step-by-step
  • Origin data maintenance directly at the fresh food counter

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