Fully automatic labeler for goods labeling GLM-Ievo with C-Wrap applicator

Here, Bizerba has applied many years of experience of label application across three sides (C-Wrap). The result is a high speed system which optimally meets industrial requirements in the food sector.

The GLM-Ievo with C-Wrap applicator may be fitted with one or two labelers depending on the required labeling performance. Due to the active package guidance in connection with the labeling process this system ensures high label accuracy. In addition, the GLM-Ievo C-Wrap comprises an Eco Motion Printer with integrated saving function for thermal transfer ribbon and thermal printhead. This reduces consumables costs and increases the lifetime of the thermal printhead.

Area of Use

  • Label application across three sides
  • Labeling performance of up to 120 units/min


  • Protection type IP 20 (printer)
  • Protection type IP 54 (scale, transportation unit, control cabinet)
  • Control of up to 4 labelers
  • Saving function for thermal transfer ribbon, thermal printhead (Eco Motion Printer)
  • Unicode capability
  • Printing and processing of any one-dimensional and two-dimensional standard barcodes, among other things data matrix and QR code
  • Alternating operation (label roll will be changed while system is running)
  • Remote service

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With the GLM-Ievo C-Wrap labels may be applied across three sides. Based on requirement the label can be placed on the side or in the center. By using C-Wrap labels a product can be optimally presented since the large label provides a lot of space for advertising messages.


In alternating operation with two labelers the label roll can be changed w/o stopping the system. This reduces set-up times and allows optimal package throughput.


By integrating an additional top/bottom labeler the system can also be used for traditional price labeling with top/bottom label application. The system thus offers a high degree of flexibility.

  • Thermal transfer device
  • Eco Motion printer
  • Rotary and alignment station
  • Active motorized package guidance
  • Rejection systems
  • One additional top or bottom labeler possible
Specifications Facts Details
Weighing ranges 3/6 kg 6 kg 10 kg 6/10 kg Verification scale interval 1/2 g, min. FPV 150 g
Verification scale interval 2 g (optionally 1g), min. FPV 500 (150 g)
Verification scale interval 2 g, min. FPV 500 g
Verification scale interval 1/2 g, min. FPV 150 g
Printing technology Printing process Resolution print width Print speed Label output Thermal direct (optionally thermal transfer)
8 dot/mm (optionally 12 dot/mm)
80 mm (optionally 104)
max. 250 mm/s (400mm/s transport only)
120 mm
Labeler Label size

Label roll

Thermal transfer ribbon
Min. W 40 mm x L 125 mm to W 120 mm x L 420 mm
Core diameter 76 mm
(optionally 74-82 mm, 99-107 mm)
Outside diameter 300 mm
Core diameter 25.4 mm
Outside diameter 81 mm
Labeling technology C-Wrap applicator Compressed air supply 6bar
Optionally one additional top or
bottom labeler possible
Package size min. W 50 mm x L 80 mm x H > 20 mm Max. W 300 mm L x 680 mm H x 150 mm Depending on weighing belt dimensions
Labeling capacity max. 120 ppm Depending on device version, weight, package type and label size


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