Bizerba Digital Service: Condition-based maintenance

With condition-based maintenance, you actively increase the availability of your devices or systems. The intelligent service is a precursor to preventative maintenance. It records the health data of your intelligent solution in real time. Ideal for being able to take action early and lower service costs.

Bizerba Digital Service: Condition-based maintenance

Digital and transparent control

The production data of your network-capable solution form the basis for this Bizerba Service, which is currently in its pilot stage. Frank Steinlehner, Director Global of Technical Support at Bizerba, describes the process:

“We use the production data for condition monitoring: Your device or rather your system is illustrated digitally on the dashboard in real time. This allows you to gain digital control and transparency about the current device or system status. You can analyze and evaluate processes via monitoring. This gives you and our service technicians the capability to recognize any current need for maintenance and allows you to initiate measures - before trouble occurs.”

Fast and automated service

This is part of the condition-based maintenance performance as well: In the event of a fault, the automatic alert function ensures defined and networked processes. For example, if the monitoring shows that values are falling below or exceeding the defined limit values, a push message is sent to Bizerba Service via the Bizerba cloud. Together, we can respond quickly and purposefully.

“The benefits for our customers are obvious,” states Frank Steinlehner in summary. “Your gain is a stable device or system. At the same time, you avoid downtimes and costs as a result of unexpected outages. Last but not least, your maintenance costs are lower, because of the reduced number of unscheduled service calls.”

24/7 Data access

Key to an intelligent service for you is the availability of process data. This is why we securely store health data in the Bizerba cloud. As a customer, you have 24/7 data access to the cloud. You have an up-to-date overview of the device or system status at anytime and from anywhere, irrespective of the country you are in or whether the devices are in offline mode.

Example of weigh price labeling systems

Using the vacuum pump as an example, Frank Steinlehner explains the positive effects of condition-based maintenance on the maintenance for the weigh price labeling system: “The performance of this component is important in order to properly label packages and to deliver them to the market. We check the pressure values of the vacuum pump with the condition-based monitoring.

If it loses its vacuum power, it is no longer capable of properly drawing in the price label. If the current performance drops below the critical threshold value, the monitoring system triggers an alert. The data and the alert are sent to the service team via Bizerba cloud directly. This allows it to schedule a pump replacement for the next scheduled maintenance call. This too contributes to process optimization.

For the customer, this means: There are no costs to the customer due to an outage of the solution and poorly labeled products that are no longer marketable. Plus, the customer can save costs that would have been incurred had another unscheduled on-site call for a service technician been required, such as for travel, expenses, etc.”

Increasing productivity and product quality

We provide you with an exciting outlook into the future opportunities of condition-based maintenance in the Digital Services white paper. “The potential of this intelligent service is also very promising for process and quality management”, Frank Steinlehner acknowledges. “The customer’s efforts to continuously optimize processes are facilitated with the ability to capture, analyze and evaluate the device data. One possibility will be the capability to compare the performance of devices or systems. The customer can then use these results to define targeted measures and implement them.”