Digital Services: A smart way to more performance and sustainability

Optimal availability meets sustainability: Learn here how our digital services can improve performance of your equipment or systems, reduce service costs and help you meet your sustainability goals at the same time. Every trip not made thanks to our digital services improves our CO2 footprint.

Ready for 4.0 - what holds true for our network-capable solutions is also fulfilled by Bizerba's technical service. So we can offer you future-proof service quality, our Bizerba specialists have launched in good time two digital service initiatives: Condition-based maintenance, the first step towards predictive maintenance and augmented services, the new level in remote support.


"For both intelligent services we used the most important raw material of digitization - information," explains Frank Steinlehner, Director Global Technical Support at Bizerba. "This is one of the benefits which Big Data and technologies such as virtual and augmented reality give us."

Whether you choose predictive maintenance or fast remote support 4.0: Both digital services ensure optimum process stability. Frank Steinlehner explains why this factor is crucial in digitized, highly flexible production and a new quality in Bizerba customer service represents:


"At the degree where all actors and processes along the supply chain are interconnected, availability plays a key role. Machine downtime stops the entire workflow and data flow. In case of just-in-time or just-in-sequence production, such an interruption leads to delivery difficulties and high costs. With our intelligent services, we help our customers that this situation does not arise in the first place or that it is remedied in the quickest possible way."


There are two ways how Bizerba Digital Services can provide support and reduce your service costs at the same time:


Condition-based maintenance


Augmented Services