Bizerba Digital Services: The Intelligent Path to Increased Performance

Flexible production. This is one of the competitive advantages that intelligent Bizerba solutions offer. With this Production 4.0, availability is a crucial factor. Find out here how our digital services can increase the performance of your devices and systems and lower service costs at the same time.

Ready for 4.0 - What applies to our network-capable solutions is also fulfilled by technical Bizerba services. In order for us to be able to offer you future-proof service quality, Bizerba experts started two digital service initiatives early on: Condition-based maintenance, the precursor to predictive maintenance and augmented services, the latest level in remote support.


“For both intelligent services, we make use of the most important digitalizing material - information”, explains Frank Steinlehner, Director of Global Technical Support at Bizerba. “This is one of the benefits that big data and technologies such as virtual and augmented reality offer.”


Whether you make the decision in favor of predictive maintenance or instead choose fast remote support 4.0: Both digital services ensure an optimum in process stability. Frank Steinlehner explains why this factor is so important in digitalized, highly flexible production and equates to a new quality in Bizerba Customer Service:


“With the degree to which all actors and processes along the supply chain are networked, availability plays a key role. Machine downtime stops the entire work and data flow. For a just-in-time or a just-in-sequence production, a stop of this kind brings not only delivery problems, but also high costs. With our intelligent services, we can support customers by ensuring that situations of this nature do not happen in the first place or are remedied as quickly as possible.”


Two ways how Bizerba Digital Services can help you while reducing your service costs:


Condition-based maintenance


Augmented Services