Plug-In® Label for Manufacturers

The Plug-In® label system is a Bizerba innovation for intelligent control of the GLM-Ievo weigh price labeler.

Individual coding of label rolls ensures increased transparency and production safety.

Plug-In-Labels with datamatrix code

Label rolls coded on the back are identified via a scanner as soon as the label roll is inserted.


This ensures that the correct label roll for the respective order is inserted. Moreover, automatic machine configuration can be carried out with the Plug-In® label system.


As a result, shorter set-up times and the prevention of incorrect labeling reduce operating costs.


Produce your own Plug-In labels!

The Plug-In label function was originally developed for the Bizerba GLM-Ievo weigh price labeler and Bizerba labels.


Now, Bizerba also offers other label manufacturers to use the Plug-In label function and to apply it in combination with labels from their own production.


We are, of course, pleased to provide you with further detailed information on the requirements, the conclusion of the contract and the ordering process directly from Bizerba. Mr Cosimo Marongiu is your personal contact to this end.