Foam cleaner

Even stubborn soilings are dissolved

The foam cleaner is a powerful product which is ideally suitable for cleaning all hard surfaces.

Area of Use

  • Meat and bone saws
  • Mincers
  • Tenderizer / strip cutter
  • Price labeling systems
  • Logistics systems
  • Label printers
  • Retail scales
  • Compact and precision scales
  • Checkweighers
  • Load receptors
  • Terminals


  • Used to clean all counter tops
  • Reliably removes oil, grease, lubricants and stains on all hard surfaces such as housings, coverings and plastic tops
  • Also highly suitable for use with glass
  • Investment protection - no use of abrasive cleaners
  • Intense and thorough cleaning due to long adhesion
  • Foam residues can be seen easily on surfaces
  • Antistatic care prevents dust from depositing again
  • Need-based container sizes

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Product sizes


SizeContentOrder number
S100 ml94008900263
M200 ml94008900264
L400 ml94008900256

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