Roller cleaner

Smooth-running printing processes thanks to clean pressure rollers

Print rollers are constantly exposed to contaminations. Our roller cleaner was specifically developed and gently removes even stubborn residues from plastic and rubber rollers. The result are clearly legible labels and receipts in high print quality.

Area of Use

  • Label printers
  • Logistics labeling systems
  • Price labeling systems
  • Retail scales


  • Highly effective formulation for thorough cleaning and care of pressure rollers (except linerless rollers)
  • Intense cleaning effect due to foam consistency
  • Easy-to-use pump spray
  • Maximum transparency of the products due to correct labeling
  • High hygiene standard: NSF registration in category C1 Nonfood Compounds
  • Roller's grip enhanced
  • Economical in use
  • Need-based container sizes

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Product sizes


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S50 ml94008900261
M250 ml94008900255
L500 ml94008900262

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