Dynamic checkweigher CWDmaxx

Checkweighers for dry areas and non-food applications

Bizerba CWDmaxx series checkweighers are designed as entry-level models for up to 250 weighings/minute. With an IP54 protection the CWDmaxx is the first choice for all applications not requiring wet cleaning. Its modular construction allows configurations of up to 5 belt modules to be made, tailored to the specific application.

Area of Use

  • Protection type IP54
  • Application in dry areas
  • Depending on weight and size up to 250 products per minute can be weighed
  • Suitable for fill quantity control
  • Weighing ranges from 10 to 3,000 g


  • Flexible integration in production lines due to modular design
  • Statistic data evaluation with _statistics.BRAIN
  • 12" color touch screen
  • calibratable weighing acc. to packaging regulations
  • Integration of a metal detector possible
  • Individual adjustment to customer needs in terms of band width / length possible

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  • Available versions CWDmaxx 1500/3000
  • Integration of metal detectors
  • 7" color display with membrane keyboard
Specifications Facts Details
Weighing ranges CWDmaxx 1500
CWDmaxx 3000
1000 / 1500 g
3000 g
Resolution e CWDmaxx 1500
CWDmaxx 3000
0.2/0.5 g
0.5/1 g
Max. speed CWDmaxx 1500
CWDmaxx 3000
44 - 80 m/min*
66 m/min*
Transport height Min / Max 750 - 1150 mm
Belt widths (BW) CWDmaxx 1500
CWDmaxx 3000
100 - 225 mm
150 - 300 mm
Belt lengths (BL) CWDmaxx 1500
CWDmaxx 3000
150 - 750 mm
150 - 750 mm
*depends on the lengths of the weighing conveyors
CWDmaxx 1500/3000
Conveying direction Left to right / right to left
Standard display 12" color touch screen
Display option 7" color display with membrane keyboard
Ejector systems Pusher/air pusher/flipper/catcher/fold-away belt
Interfaces RS232/Ethernet/I/O signals; USB
Options Protocol strip printer, rejection counter-checker, tendency control and much more
Protection class IP54
Material Stainless steel 1.430
Voltage 240/120 V, 50-60 Hz, 500/750 VA
Operating temperature +5° C to +40 ℃
Humidity 20 - 90 %, non-condensing
Combo machine CWDmaxx with integrated metal detector
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