Load corners iL Special 40000L/MP

For installation in load carriers such as roller tracks and conveyors. For weight recording of different products.

Depending on the type of load carrier and product one ore more load corners may be used. Load corners impress due to their robust and reliable design and ensure a low-maintenance and low-wear operation.

Area of Use

The load corners are suitable for weighing ranges of up to 15 t with load capacities of up to 30 t and are ideally used:

  • as vehicle scale in goods receiving and dispatch
  • in production/manufacture
  • in the warehouse
  • with shipping


  • minimal travel thus ensuring almost no wear of function elements
  • All functional and fixture components made of stainless steel
  • Load corners with load cells in EEx-ib version for Ex zone 1

Product images and technical information could deviate and may not be available in your country.

The load corners are fitted with bending ring strain gauge load cells and connected to the Bizerba weighing terminal via a measuring cable and junction box.

  • Load corners with integrated stay rod - ideally suitable for stirring systems and roller track operation, for example.
  • Load corners with load cells in EEx-ib version in connection with Ex weighing terminals iS 50-Ex or ST-Ex are suitable for operation in hazardous areas classified as zone 1.
  • In connection with selected load cells of higher accuracy the load corners are also available as multi-interval scales.

Load corner set for containers with 3-point technology

Weighing range
Scale interval
Preload compensation
300 0.1 200 600
600 0.2 800 1500
1500 0.5 1200/4000 3000/6000
3000 1 2500 6000
6000 2 8000 15000
15000 5 12000 30000

Load corner set for containers with 4-point technology

Weighing range
Scale interval
Preload compensation
300 0.1 300 800
600 0.2 100/1200 800/2000
1500 0.5 300/2000 2000/4000
3000 1 400/4000 4000/8000
6000 2 500/10000 8000/20000
15000 5 2000/20000 20000/40000
30000 10 4000 40000


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