Industrial software _orderProcessing.BRAIN

Control of all labeling jobs from the ERP system

Order processing software _orderProcessing.BRAIN retrieves entire labeling jobs from the ERP system in form of XML files and entirely autonomously controls price labeling lines via _connect.BRAIN. Labeling can be performed on a single-job basis with different items or on a per-item basis for different customers. All relevant data is called up by _orderProcessing.BRAIN and the actual production data is returned once the job is complete.

Area of Use

  • Control of labeling lines in production


  • Order data is exchanged via XML files
  • easy configuration
  • Quick overview of current jobs
  • Reliable processing of all jobs

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The job file contains the job number, the PLU number, totals 1–3, text fields 1–10, unit price, display text (on display), code structure number 1–3, general number 1–5, sell-by / best before date, layout number.


The results file contains the data totals 1–3 and job status.


Supported Bizerba devices:

  • GX devices

Computer and processor

Processor with 800 Megahertz (MHz) or better. Server (_statistics.BRAIN): Computer and processor with 1,500 Megahertz (MHz) or better



Monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher



At least 2 GB main memory, recommended 4 GB main memory


Hard disk

  • approx. 300 Megabytes (MB). Part of this hard disk storage is released after installation if the original download package was removed from the hard disk.
  • Server (_statistics.BRAIN): approx. 1.2 Gigabyte (GB). Part of this hard disk storage is released after installation if the original download package was removed from the hard disk. Additional hard disk space to create databases and database backups.


Supported operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x32/x64 edition
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Edition
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (Professional, Enterprise)
  • Microsoft Windows 8*
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate) x32/x64 Edition SP1
  • Microsoft Windows Vista (Business, Enterprise, Ultimate) x32/x64 edition SP1

* Microsoft Windows 8 RT is no longer supported



DVD drive


* Constraints Express version: Due to the database constraints (1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, database 2 or max 4 GB) up to 2.5 million weighings may be stored


Further Information

Actual requirements and product functionality depend on your system configuration and your operating system. Certain features require a network connection. The communication with Bizerba devices requires the _connect.BRAIN software

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