Structure paper labels

This sophisticated label solution comes with a double effect: It ensures a haptic and optical, high quality brand image of your product. We combine papers, refinements and adhesives to realize an individual label for your needs. Matching your needs and in true Bizerba quality.

Bizerba structure paper labels are the right choice when you have haptic and optically extraordinary requirements on the label. Communicate relevant product information on high quality paper with noticeable embossing. Due to our numerous paper qualities and design options we achieve a high and unique advertising impact for you. Ideally suitable to differentiate your product on the market and to make it recognizable.
We manufacture your individual label. To find the right combination of paper and adhesive for you we are happy to provide professional advice. Matching your product and your application. Depending on the selected paper quality we print your Bizerba structure paper label in multiple colors and additionally refine it.


  • Individual design:
    • Broad range of structure papers
    • Various adhesives with different adhesion
  • Based on the paper also printable in multiple colors
  • Discrete integration of technical components, e.g. RF and RFID tags

Product images and technical information could deviate and may not be available in your country.

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