Fully automatic labeler for goods labeling GLM-I maxx 40

Products too large and too heavy for other labelers of the GLM-Imaxx series can be handled with ease by the GLM-Imaxx 40 - in continuous operation for weight and volume of large dimensions.

The GLM-Imaxx 40 was designed specially for the labeling of crates, boxes and other large containers. The standard version includes three belts, one for singling, weighing and labeling operations respectively. Also characteristic: its display and operating unit for variable positioning as well as a horizontally and vertically adjustable labeling unit offering thermal direct or thermal transfer print technologies. The latter is available in with blow-on, stamp, or rotating designs depending on the type of application (side, face, top).


As a fixed integral component in the GLM-Imaxx 40, a continuous scale supports flexible, weight-variable price and goods labeling with optional maximum loads of 15 kg, 30 kg, or 60 kg.

Area of Use

  • weight-variable price and goods labeling
  • Box, carton and other large package labeling
  • Price and goods labeling of up to 15 kg, 30 kg or 60 maximum load


  • more powerful
  • suitable for all label formats
  • universal printing methods
  • maintenance-friendly
  • three belts for isolation, weighing and labeling areas
  • adjustable display and user interface
  • In-motion scale as an integral part

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Despite high power delivery, this fully automatic machine can handle an impressive average load of 60 packages per minute. Various Bizerba accessories optimize the inline operation: i.e. infeed roller conveyor with alignment rails for indexing and aligning of packages.

Specifications Facts Details
Weighing ranges with 6H 15/30 kg Verification scale interval 5/10 g, number of verification scale interval 3,000
Printing technology Printing method

Print width
Print speed
Label output
Thermal direct (optionally thermal transfer)
8 dot/mm (optionally 12 dot/mm)
80 mm (optionally 104 or 168 mm)
max. 250 mm/s
170 mm
Labeler Label size

Label roll

Thermal transfer ribbon
min. W 30 mm x 20 mm up to W 170 mm x 300 mm
(depending on labeling system
Core diameter 70 mm
(optionally 102 mm)
Outside diameter 300 mm
Core diameter 25.4 mm
Outside diameter 80 mm
Labeling technology Air-jet applicator
Piston applicator
Rotary applicator
Compressed air supply 6bar
Compressed air supply 2bar with top labeler only
Package size
min. W 250 mm x L 50 mm x H 10 mm
Labeling capacity 55 pck/min with WB 15 kg/5 g
70 pck/min with WB 30 kg/10 g
70 pck/min with WB 60 kg/20 g

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