Scale driver - RetailIntegratorsKit (RIK)

OEM software solution for your Bizerba scales

Our integration solution allows you to implement your software in a Bizerba scale. Metrologically relevant areas such as weight display, tare, unit price and final price come standard with our kit. Of course our metrological display can also be integrated in your POS system.

Area of Use

  • Integration of PC-based Bizerba scales:
    • KH II
    • XC
    • K-Class flex
  • Kiosk systems
  • POS systems with weighing functionality
  • Integration of checkout scales in POS systems


  • Standardized UPOS interfaces for scale, printer and cash register drawer
  • Layout-based label print
  • Solution for Windows and Linux
  • Simplified approval due to connection to WELMEC certified Bizerba scale components
  • Integrated test tools to check display, touch, cash register drawer, printer and scale
  • Support during approval process
  • In-house development and developer support

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POS Printer

  • Layout-based label print
  • Layout design via Bizerba Label Designer
  • Supports all Bizerba USB printers
  • UPOS code example
  • True type fonts
  • Asynchronous print
  • Right-to-left support (Arabic, Hebrew)


  • Flexible skins
  • Different screen resolutions are supported
  • Tilt compensation
  • Supports all PC-based Bizerba scales
  • Supports checkout scales
  • UPOS code example
  • Right-to-left support (Arabic, Hebrew)
  • Approval for 110 countries
  • Supports most common languages (40 languages)


  • UPOS code example


  • Scale configuration/calibration
  • Printer configuration and test
  • Cash register drawer test
  • Touch calibration
  • Brightness control for screen
  • Logging

Microsoft operating systems

  • WePOS
  • POSReady 2009
  • PosReady 7

Linux operating systems

  • SLEPOS 10
  • BizLPOS
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