RetailApp EasyOrder

It doesn't get any easier: With the RetailApp EasyOrder you manage customer orders directly on the scale – from recording and preparing orders up to completion for order pick-up.

The RetailApp EasyOrder cleans up - no more hand-written order notes or contact data and time consuming order changes. Orders are simply entered on the scale and created orders remain in the system until they are picked up and completed. When an order is picked up a sales ticket will open allowing the operator to register more articles, if needed. Order changes made easy - simply open an order and enter desired change. Everything in a single system. Hand-written notes belong to the past with EasyOrder.


New features:

  • Articles that have not been prepared yet can be cancelled during order preparation
  • If no more order numbers are available, a message will be displayed
  • Orders older than n days can be deleted from the EasyOrder database automatically. Thus the respective order number can be used for other orders
  • If EasyOrder is already running and started again using the button, the last active screen will be displayed




  • Order processing directly on the scale
  • Customer data are recorded temporarily just for the order
  • Integrated search function for orders
  • Sales are booked when order is picked up



  • Easy operator prompting step-by-step
  • All orders at a glance, sorted by pick-up date
  • No more hand-written notes - complete processing of orders on the scale
  • Complete integration of order management in the sales process

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