RetailApp GrossPricing

More information on your scales: With the RetailApp GrossPricing you improve customer communication and expand your customer base by showing gross prices besides net prices used in the C&C area.

RetailApp GrossPricing additionally integrates the gross price / net price in the user interface of our scales. The Corporate Design is kept by completely integrating the RetailApp in the RetailPowerScale scale user interface. Addressing a larger range of customers by displaying all important information on the scale using GrossPricing.


New features in version 2:

  • Available in assisted sales mode. Price can be calculated and displayed during article call up
  • Usage of gross or net price can be configured




  • Display of gross price in addition to the net price and vice versa
  • Complete integration in the scale user interface
  • Display and layout can be customized



  • More information for consumers
  • Addressing more customers and increasing customer satisfaction

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