RetailApp ItemCoupon

Targeted advertising measures for increased customer loyalty: Use the RetailApp ItemCoupon to automatically record coupon items after a minimum total price or a minimum weight has been reached.

The RetailApp ItemCoupon allows linking a sales article with a coupon item. Once a minimum total price or a minimum weight has been defined, the coupon is printed automatically after these values have been reached. Regardless of whether the focus is on advertisement for further products on the market or on the possibility of a discount for a new purchase – the coupon content can be freely defined. Plan advertising measures in a targeted manner for increased customer loyalty with ItemCoupon.




  • Definition of coupon items in an offset department
  • Automatic printing of linked coupon items
  • Minimum price and minimum weight can be configured
  • Validity period of the coupons can be determined



  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Targeted article advertisement at the supermarket

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