RetailApp LasVegas

Entertain your customers while shopping: With the RetailApp LasVegas you use the perfect RetailApp for promotions.

The RetailApp LasVegas attracts shoppers by offering chances of winning with each sale closed on the scale. When closing a label or ticket a slot machine starts on the customer display. Three identical symbols mean jackpot – that's LasVegas. Prize and winning frequency are freely definable. Customer retention via targeted promotions – LasVegas is the perfect tool for a great shopping experience.


New features in version 2:

  • Release for 7" and 15" customer display
  • In the event of winning, in addition to picture and text a barcode can be printed




  • Chance of winning at conclusion of the sale
  • Slot machine can be customized – pictures can be replaced
  • Winning frequency with random threshold definable
  • Can be used in label and ticket mode


  • Raised customer interest and customer retention
  • Gaining more customers by word-of-mouth advertising
  • More intense customer dialog due to chances of winning
  • Promotes positive shopping experience

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