Automatic vertical slicer VSI

Hygienic fully automatic slicer for food with integrated target weight control for efficiency and profitability at the service counter

The tabletop model of the fully automatic VSI series is ideally suitable for selling at the service counter. It is impressive in terms of its high slicing performance at minimal power consumption due to Emotion® technology. With an integrated tendency control the target weight is reached even when slicing naturally grown products. For modern and safe operation the VSI is fitted with an intuitively operable touch display.

Area of Use

  • Manual further processing of sliced and ready-made portions for service counter or commissioning
  • Portions can also be sliced onto a platter


  • Integrated portion scale for target weight control including weight optimization
  • Hygienic design for hose cleaning. Optimal cleaning and easy disassembly without tools. The housing shape prevents product residues or liquids from soiling the environment during operation
  • High slicing performance at minimal energy consumption due to Emotion® technology
  • Personalized, future-oriented touch operator ergonomics with individual user profiles and messaging functions (to plan preventative maintenance or in the event of operating errors), monitoring functions (history of all actions, degree of utilization of the machine) up to possible e-Service via the Bizerba Service
  • Data and control system related signal exchange ensure an optimal integration in customer and line processes

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Intuitive operation


Operation should be performed easily without extensive training. With freely configurable operation via icons and large article memory the VSI is the perfect automation solution. Images of the products to be sliced can be added to the article data.


Fast cleaning and maintenance


The VSI even meets high US hygiene standard NSF Ansi 8/2012 and at the same time has best operating and cleaning ergonomics.

  • Mechanical and control system related interfaces to external systems such as
  • interleavers, tray dispensers and packaging machines
  • Stand mobile and stationary
  • Integrated portion scale with tendency control during weighing of portions
  • Depositing on table or conveyor belt


  • 100 V / 120 V / 240 V single-phase alternating current

Housing materials

  • anodized aluminum
  • stainless steel, for functional components
  • Plastic

Installation area (L x W)

  • Table: 606 x 628 mm / 23.9" x 24.7"
  • Bench: 800 x 847 mm / 31.5" x 33.3"

Max. dimensions (L x W x H)

  • 400 mm carriage: 936 x 1188 x 773 mm / 36.9" x 46.8" x 30.4"
  • 600 mm carriage: 936 x 1354 x 773 mm / 36.9" x 53.3" x 30.4"

Blade diameter

  • 330 mm / 13.0”

Max. stacking height

  • 90 mm

Slicing performance

  • 30 - 80 strokes/min.

Product size

  • Round: Ø 180 mm / 7.1”
  • Height: 180 mm / 7.1”
  • Width: 240 mm / 9.4”
  • Length: 400 or 600 mm / 23.6" or 15.7"

Slice thickness adjustment

  • 0.3 - 12 mm / 0.01 - 0.5”

Protection type

  • IPx5
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