Weigh price labeling system GLM-Emaxx 40

Exact weighing, accurate labeling – and saving a great deal of time. The GLM-Emaxx is a fully automatic labeling device of space-saving design which has mainly proved successful as entry level class.

Impresses in many industries: For variable weight price labeling and product labeling in retail, trade and small industrial plants GLM-Emaxx offers most up-to-date features. Performance taking up minimal space. This compact, fully automatic machine with a small footprint can be used as a self-contained device with manual feed or can be integrated in existing production lines for fully automatic weigh price labeling.
Another highlight is the high quality, easy-to-clean frame of the GLM-Emaxx.

Area of Use

  • Entry-level class for small throughput for up to 50 packages per minute
  • can be used with manual feed, but can also be integrated into existing automatic production lines for fully automatic price labeling
  • For variable weight price and product labeling in retail, trade and small industrial plants


  • Output up to 50 packages/minute
  • Thermal direct and thermal transfer print
  • Printing of UNICODE fonts
  • 2 GB memory on board for article and layout data
  • Program updates, line backups, backups and service printouts are possible via the external USB port
  • The internal USB port can be used for logging of process data, e.g. for statistical evaluations
  • Printing and processing of any one and two-dimensional standard barcodes, among other things data matrix and QR code
  • Easy label roll change
  • Servicing of printer unit without tools (e.g. replacing thermal printhead, pressure roller)
  • Scanner connection
  • Remote service

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The GLM-Emaxx 40 comes with a top labeler with air-jet or piston applicator as well as with an operating panel having a 7" color display.

Another highlight is the high quality, easy-to-clean frame of the GLM-Emaxx. Furthermore there are many accessories. The standard scope of delivery includes three belts, divided or closed, which can be replaced w/o tools. This reduces costs and increases the print quality.

The new PC-based hardware provides more memory space and fast label data processing. Additional data for the LMIV, for example, is printed w/o performance loss.

  • Rotation and alignment station for products of up to 6 kg
  • Alignment rails for infeed / indexing conveyor
  • Pusher
  • Package ejector
  • 12" LCD display with touch screen function
  • Print width 104 mm
  • Thermal transfer printing
Specifications Facts Details
Weighing ranges 6 kg

3/6 kg
12 kg
Verification scale interval 2 g (optionally 1 g), min. FPV 500/150 g
Verification scale interval 1/2 g, min. FPV 150 g
Verification scale interval 2 g, min. FPV 500 g
Weighing belt dimensions
(W x L)
300 mm x 300 mm
300 mm x 400 mm
for 3/6 kg, 6 kg, 12 kg scales
for 3/6 kg, 6 kg, 12 kg scales
Printing technology Printing process

Print width
Print speed
Label output
Thermal direct (optionally thermal transfer)
8 dot/mm (optionally 12 dot/mm)
80 mm (optionally 104 mm)
max. 250 mm/s
120 mm
Labeling technology Air-jet applicator Compressed air supply 6 bar
Labeler setting Height adjustment
Lateral adjustment
Labeler Label size

Label roll

Thermal transfer ribbon
Min. W 30 mm x H 30 mm
max. W 100mm x H 100 mm, depending on the applicator type; further dimensions as special versions possible
Outer diameter 300 mm, core diameter 76 mm (optional 40 mm)
Core diameter 25,4 mm
Outer diameter 81 mm
Package size min. W 40 mm x L 40 mm x H > 1 mm
max. W 300 mm L x 400 mm H x 250 mm
Depending on weighing belt dimensions
for GLM-Emaxx 40 with weighing belt 400 mm
Labeling capacity max. 50 ppm Depending on device version, package weight, package type and label size
Barcode versions all common barcode versions EAN/UPC 8, EAN/UPC 13, EAN/UPC 128, Code 2/5 int., Code 39, Code 128, GS1- 128, PDF 417, PDF 417 with AI, GS1 DataBar Omni, GS1 DataBar, Data Matrix, QR code
Supply voltage 230V/ 50Hz 1*phase
Operating temperature 0°C to +40°C Standby to -10°C
Humidity 20-90 % non-condensing
Protection type IP20
Scale, transport, control cabinet
Memory 2 GB Compact Flash card
Operating panel Keyboard with 7" color display Optional 12" LCD display with touch screen function
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