Solutions for the food industry

The food industry has very special requirements: Naturally, hygiene has a special importance. Product safety, for example by means of metal detectors, is extremely important. And last but not least, transparency and smooth running logistics chains are of high importance. Finally, food shall reach the customer in best quality.

Food industry - industry profile

Formulating, weighing, portioning, inspection systems, meat processing, slicing, labeling, labels and much more – Bizerba solutions optimize processes along the entire supply chain. In connection with our open industrial software the systems ensure maximum efficiency, transparency and product safety.

Solutions for the baking industry

Baking industry

The advancing automation and the necessary networking of the logistics and production chains require new solutions in the baking industry. Discover how you can achieve more efficiency and transparency with Bizerba in the production of baked goods.

Solutions for the meat industry

Meat processing industry

Particularly for meat products a complete quality assurance over the entire supply chain is indispensable. Bizerba develops holistic solutions by means of which processes can be optimized in many areas – from weighing and meat processing up to Vision inspection systems and labeling systems. As a perfect match we are also offering open industrial software which opens you the door to new potentials for profitability.

Solutions for the fruit and vegetables industry

Fruit and vegetables industry

Bizerba solutions for the produce industry ensure that freshness reaches the point of sale. With systems which efficiently support the supply chain in many areas in order to ensure best product quality. Whether scales, correct filling or versatile labeling systems: Invest in reliability and efficiency, made by Bizerba.

Solutions for the confectionery industry

Confectionery industry

Consumers should savor sweets in best quality. To reliably ensure this requirement, Bizerba offers hardware systems and software solutions which support your processes in many areas. More product safety, e.g. via optimized transparency, increased profitability such as by means of minimized give-away, less complaints, for example through complete documentation – discover your potentials.

Solutions for the convenience industry

Bring ready-made meals and other convenience products as fresh as possible and in best possible quality to your business partners. Optimize processes along the entire value added chain: Weight determination with verifiable scales, slicing, labeling and much more – discover the Bizerba solutions for industrial convenience production.

Benefit from our comprehensive product portfolio for the food industry: