Commercial Bread Slicer

Commercial bread slicer ideal for supermarkets and bakery areas. Easy and intuitive to use the safe slicer is ideal in self service areas for individual slices and variable slice thickness. The B100 can achieve 100 slices per minute. Round loaves, baguettes, rolls, even warm bread is sliced without any problems. Customers can choose their own bakery product choose the slice thickness, shut the lid and press go. Just slide over the appropriate bag and away they go.


The commercial bread slicer is extremely hygienic, no oil is needed on the blade and offers a clean cut every time. Siting the unit is also extremely easy, with no need for a network cable all that is required is a standard 13 amp socket.


Additional safely options on the Commercial Bread slicer and built in features are as follows:


The protective clear hood with a sliding block guide that can be flipped upward and cleaned on both sides. All the bread crumbs are collected in a separate compartment and can be removed quickly and easily. The product chute itself is easily accessible for cleaning. The cleaning position of the blade is automatically set at a keystroke combination.


The slice thickness lies between 3 and 30 mm and can be adjusted via keys during operation offering alternate slices for each loaf. Three save keys enable quick toggling between the three slice thicknesses that can be programmed individually. For example Thin, Medium and thick.


Commercial Bread Slicer - Hygiene


One of the qualities is oil-free slicing. Your fresh products stay fresh for longer with this hygienic technology. It helps to inhibit mildew growth and the transfer of germs on the cut surface. Another positive effect: The machine can be cleaned faster since it works oil-free.


Offer your customers bread slices in exactly the thickness they want. The slice thickness can be individually and easily regulated. This simple and safe operating convenience also allows you to use the bread slicer in self-service areas. Another helpful function of our powerful solution: The practical bagging unit. Freshly cut slices can be easily bagged.


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