Food Industry Inspection Systems

We have every conceivable inspection system available for the food industry. Checkweighers, Metal Detectors, X-Ray Systems, Vision Inspection systems

Food Industry Inspection Systems from Bizerba. We have every conceivable inspection system available for the food industry. The first line of defence on the production line are our Checkweighers, With High IP protection and checking speeds of up to 400 units per minute. Designed and Built in Germany, quality checkweighing without compromise.


In addition, we have a range of combination checkweighers with metal detectors, or alternatively you can have a separate metal detection unit. Identify Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals with automatic rejection of packages enabling you to avoid those costly product recalls. Why not read some of our latest white papers on Product Recalls and how to avoid them.


Another popular line of food industry inspection systems are the X-Ray inspection systems. These units will identify but not limited to, metal, plastic, bone, rubber, glass and more. Additionally these units are so sensitive that they will reject any packages that have incorrect densities of material. All easily set up and configured with the easy to use interface.


Finally, at the end of the line you may want to implement pack inspection or label recognition or even seal integrity. This is where we would recommend a Vision inspection system. Checking packs from above and below, also checking sell by and use by dates, seal integrity and an image is taken of every package and archived for future reference.


To complement our range of food industry inspection systems we have full software suits that can integrate with any existing systems that you may already have. Not only offering line performance but also full food data capture. Using the entire software suite, you can achieve Farm to Fork Traceability.


Food Industry Inspection systems from Bizerba. Contact Us today for a free Site survey or consultation visit.


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