Self Service Scales

Award winning self service scales from Bizerba. Easy to use intuitive touch screen, easy clean with a liner less label cutter

The MC 500 freestanding self-service scale with storage space integrated in the stand offers fast and simple replacement of the label rolls. Time saving during the daily cleaning activities thanks to the Easy Clean housing.


The innovative design means this unit can be placed anywhere in the store where ever you have power. Boasting a Large, brilliant 15.6" colour touch display for intuitive operation. With low power on stand by fuctions.

Unique to the MC II 500 is the liner less cutter, no more torn labels and being liner less makes this an environmentally friendly machine.



  • High-end PC scale with a powerful Intel® Quad Core processor: More performance for optimized graphics while consuming minimum energy
  • Liner less cutter - Liner less Labels
  • Large RAM: Ideally suitable for new features and requirements
  • Current Windows and Linux operating system: 64 bit
  • Weighing tray/pan:
  • Shape of fruit bowl: Optimized for produce sold loose or elongated vegetables
  • Easy handling: Removable via bayonet fitting, break-proof, dishwasher-safe, easy removal of stray label
  • Storage space for replacement label rolls or cleaning materials accessible from both sides
  • High-end Bizerba software package
  • RetailPowerScale scale software
  • RetailApps for additional functionality
  • RetailFramework
  • RetailIntegratorsKit (RIK) for 3rd-party software


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